Vital Sign Monitoring and Decision Support System

Vital Sign Monitoring and Decision Support System

In its first phase, this research developed a real-time mobile-based vital signs monitoring application in the hospital context using medical devices and clinical decision support techniques. The application, VitalsAssist, was developed with cloud-based security and data storage. Data analysis was carried out to detect the underlying signs and symptoms and identify significant changes to the vital signs. We provided fast clinical decision support functionality with patient engagement and user-centric approach. Integration into electronic health records will be addressed so that the information is available at all times and everywhere to support clinicians making better decisions.

In 2018 this project’s large second phase began, growing into a hospital-based validation project.

Principal researchers:

Associate Professor Hamid GholamHosseini, AUT

Dr Mirza Baig, Orion Health

Dr Farhaan Mirza, AUT


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