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Delving into the data at Hack Aotearoa 2020

This Friday marks the return of Hack Aotearoa, the globally recognised Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Critical Data event. Building on the success of the 2019 event, Hack Aotearoa 2020 continues to innovate and will include a health datathon in addition to the main Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare conference. During the datathon, local and international data scientists, academics and …

message map

Automated Message Mapping

This project involves automation of systems for mapping target fields to and from HL7 messages to enable automation of this previously laborious, manual process. PI: Junjae Lee, Orion Health Junjae Leeprecisiondrivenhealth.com/researchers/junjae-lee/

information consent best practice

Information Consent Best Practice

Data-driven healthcare will result in a “tsunami” of information from existing and new data sources including patient-generated data from genetic testing, consumer devices such as wearable fitness apps, and social media. How can clinicians and researchers utilise this data to help consumers achieve better health outcomes? How can consumers control who has access to their …