Opportunities for commercial partners

Invitation for new commercial partners

PDH invites parties to contribute to, and benefit from, our research program. Organisations usually participate in specific projects, each with a tailored funding and intellectual property (IP) agreement. On this page we talk about “commercial” partners; this can include any organisation interested in supporting health data science research in New Zealand. This includes trusts, not-for-profits, and other similar organisation types.

What does a partner organisation gain? PDH commercial partners benefit through involvement in New Zealand’s largest health IT research program. Some of the benefits include:
  • Access to a network of data scientists and motivated health providers – with expertise, data, and global networks
  • Ability for PDH to set up and manage the research projects and contracts
  • The right for the partner organisation to commercialise the research findings
  • Matching funding from PDH in two bands:
    • up to 50% of the contribution, for exclusive partner use of the IP, or
    • up to 100% of the contribution, if the commercial benefits are shared with Orion Health
What does a commercial partner organisation need to contribute?
  • Identify a research opportunity that fits within the scope of Precision Driven Health – this must be health data science research
  • Financial funding for the project (not sourced from other government funding) – cash contribution is required †
  • A commercial path for the research
  • License for the PDH joint venture’s health partner (Waitemata DHB) to use the findings for non-commercial health benefits in New Zealand
  • License for PDH’s research providers to publish the findings (excluding trade secrets or other commercially sensitive information)
If you would like to explore becoming a commercial partner, please consider the points below:
  1. the problem/opportunity background, and proposed research approach
  2. the budget you would contemplate investing, over what timeframe
  3. the preference for IP ownership
  4. the health benefit of this research
  5. the commercial opportunity from this research
  6. a description of data available or required, if known
  7. the potential for Māori advancement
  8. the research design
Please get in touch through our Research Management System which is an online form. Provide this information briefly. Apply through the Research Management portal Our application process is collaborative and we encourage you to get in touch with us at info@precisiondrivenhealth.com if you have any questions. All ideas shared with PDH are held as confidential, available only within PDH’s leadership, Independent Advisory Group, and Board, however, please contact us if you would like to complete a mutual NDA.

† The following funding sources cannot be used for co-funding for a PDH project:

  1. central government funding;
  2. funding from a subsidiary of either a Crown Research Institute or a Tertiary Education Institute. Funding from a subsidiary that has been created to leverage Partnerships funding will not qualify as co-funding;
  3. levy funding administered by the government, unless the responsible Government Agency agrees that the stated purpose of the levy is consistent with the proposed PDH research project; and
  4. funding that has been counted for the purposes of any other government grant scheme.

Review our Research Services and Co-funding Agreement terms

This agreement sets out the relationship between your organisation and ours. It must be completed prior to starting any projects together.

Sample Agreement