New Data Sources

Broadening the Scope

We are enabling patient-centred healthcare by making new data sources available. In this stream we seek to:

  • Determine the value of disparate data sources to healthcare provision and health outcomes.
  • Develop metrics for quantifying the quality of healthcare data for use in medical decision support.
  • View our projects in this theme below.

In Progress

A Deep Learning Platform for GP Referral Triage

Countering bias in the health system Heart disease is the leading cause of preventable mortality in Aotearoa, New Zealand. It is a disease that disproportionately affects certain groups such as Māori – who have higher rate of ischaemic heart disease ...
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Automated De-identification

Separating patients from their records The idea that a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) has a secondary value, beyond the immediate treatment of a single individual, is becoming more prevalent as medical research incorporates machine learning (ML) practices. The information ...
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message map

Automated Message Mapping

This project involves automation of systems for mapping target fields to and from HL7 messages to enable automation of this previously laborious, manual process. PI: Junjae Lee, Orion Health ...
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Missing Health Data Imputation

Medical professionals analysing electronic health data often have to deal with data sets that are incomplete. If this data is not handled correctly it can result in negative outcomes such as bias, complications and ultimately invalid conclusions. Finding ways to ...
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Vital Sign Monitoring and Decision Support System

During admission to hospital, patients often show signs of acute physical deterioration before a serious event occurs. Current variation in vital signs charts, early warning scores, skills and knowledge of responders and availability of responders in hospitals means these patients ...
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Integrating Primary and Secondary Healthcare Systems

Data from primary and secondary care has the potential to enhance the accuracy of decision making in healthcare. However, due to the fragmented nature of the health system, this information is often siloed, making it difficult for clinicians to access ...
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Making Existing Data Sources Available

New Zealand has excellent health data due to national ID number and high quality data scientists. We seek to link them together by making health data easier to access for research. We have reviewed publicly available health datasets in New Zealand ...
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Using Council Data to Investigate Health Outcomes

Summer of Research project by Kaito Goto, University of Auckland, supervised by Quentin Thurier and Dan Exeter (Precision Driven Health and Orion Health). Auckland Council has a range of geospatial and infrastructure data available, which could potentially be linked with ...
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