Empowering People

Individual Engagement

Leveraging technology to empower all people to self-manage their health is the focus of this research theme. Our research will help us to

  • Understand the relationship between individuals, technology, and their healthcare information.
  • Develop solutions to enable engaged self-care.

View our projects in this theme below.

In Progress

Interpretable Machine Learning

The “black box” metaphor is commonly used to refer to the lack of understanding of how modern Machine Learning (ML) systems make decisions.  Researchers are actively trying to remedy this situation which is especially problematic in healthcare, largely because legal ...
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cute girl sitting in between her grandparents

Patients Like This

It is important to provide patients with reliable, accurate and personalised information about their health conditions, to engage them in their health. Often, this is done by doctors, based on their textbook knowledge and prior clinical experience in communicating with ...
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See How They Grow

In partnership with Cure Kids and the National Science Challenge A Better Start, PDH supported the work led by The University of Auckland’s Gayl Humphrey on the project “See how they grow: Developing and trialling an interactive Child Growth Chart ...
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A Patient’s Journey for an Elective Surgery

An Automated Approach Towards Prioritisation and Preoperative Assessment The path to an elective surgery can contain many difficulties for both patients and clinicians. It is a lengthy, as well as daunting, process for the patient, while delays and cancellations can ...
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A Public Health Calculator Website for Kiwis

Calibrated for Kiwis As a small country in the South Pacific, our uniqueness is often overlooked by health science researchers. Medical assessment tools are created and used based on research conducted in other countries with larger populations. While we have ...
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information consent best practice

Information Consent Best Practice

Data-driven healthcare will result in a “tsunami” of information from existing and new data sources including patient-generated data from genetic testing, consumer devices such as wearable fitness apps, and social media. How can clinicians and researchers utilise this data to ...
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