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Precision Driven Health (PDH) and the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) are thrilled to award their first joint Postdoctoral Fellowship to Dr Rosie Dobson from the University of Auckland.

Her 24-month programme of research will focus on enabling self-care through personalised mHealth, an area of precision health that involves analysing data collected by mobile devices and wearables to improve people’s health.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity to undertake research which I hope will lead to improvements in the health of New Zealanders. I look forward to working with the high-calibre research team at PDH to continue to break new ground in precision health”, said Dr Rosie Dobson, University of Auckland.

“We are delighted to be able to support researchers early in their career, and Dr Dobson’s research will become paramount in ensuring PDH research is useful to those who will benefit from it the most”, said Dr Kevin Ross, CEO Precision Driven Health.

Rosie is a Research Fellow and Health Psychologist currently working at the National Institute for Health Innovation within the School of Population Health at the University of Auckland. Her previous work has been in the development of mHealth (mobile health) tools to help support people to improve their health within their daily lives.

Dr Dobson’s 24-month programme of research will investigate New Zealanders’ perspectives on the use of their health information, and use the findings to build on her previous work in the development of mHealth tools. The aim is to develop a personalised mHealth programme that uses patient health information to identify those at greatest need of intervention. The programme will then facilitate the delivery of intervention via mHealth with few access barriers, and feed information directly back to patients and healthcare professionals.