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Empowering Data-Driven Healthcare

Our partnership creates the capability to optimise the health of each individual and their whānau by combining and learning from all available data.

Mission Accomplished

We have reached the end of our seven-year partnership journey and the PDH partnership will close in late 2023. Thank you for our remarkable work together supporting health data science in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our Partnership

We are an award-winning health data science initiative based in New Zealand. Our partnership unites health providers with universities and our health IT sector to create health and commercial opportunities for New Zealanders.

Precision Driven Health (PDH) was created to provide world-leading research into the emerging area of precision health. This involves applying new data science techniques to understanding the massive volume of data on an individual that it being captured by health information systems, consumer devices, social networks, genetic testing and other sources.

Our Research

Our work seeks to personalise health by integrating new data sources, developing predictive models, optimising decision making, and empowering people with new tools.

Predictive Analytics

Utilising a variety of big data sources for predictive modelling in a healthcare setting. 

Precise and Timely Healthcare

Utilising disparate data sources, analyses, and technologies to enable more precise and timely healthcare.

Empowering People

Leveraging technology to empower all people to self-manage their health.

New Data Sources

Enabling patient-centred healthcare by making new data sources available.