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Dr Kevin Ross

9:00am – Session 2.4 – Room 4 Shed 6

Dramatically improving cost-effective delivery of care through machine learning models

Junjae Lee

11:20am – Session 3.7 – Room 7 Upstairs

End-to-End De-Identification Framework

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Dr Kevin Ross

2:40pm – Session 4.1 – Room 1 Shed 6

Precision Driven Health Partnership Success

Randall Britten and Jens Andreas

9:20am – Session 6.6 – Room 6

Smart MedRec: Using Indirect Data Labelling for Machine Learning

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Jiunn Howe Lee

9:40am – Session 6.6 – Room 6

Value Added by Applying Multiple Imputation to Real World Datasets

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Farhaan Mirza and Mirza Baig

11:20am – Session 7.6 – Room 6

Predicting Hospital Admission Risk Using Primary and Secondary Data Sources

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Michael Hosking

11:20am – Session 7.1 – Room 1

Clinical Document Semantic Search: A User-centred Approach to Clinical Information Seeking

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Mirza Baig

12:00pm – Session 7.6 – Room 6

Measuring the Accuracy of Patients at Risk of Hospital Readmission

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Samuel Wong

12:00pm – Session 7.1 – Room 1

Analysis of Laboratory Result Patterns for Patient Alerts on vensa.com

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Luke Boyle

1:30pm – Session 8.7 – Room 7

Using Machine Learning to Improve Surgical Risk Prediction in High Risk Subspecialty Patient Cohorts in New Zealand

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Luke Boyle for Edmond Zhang

appx 2:45pm – Session 8.6 – Room 6

A Deep Learning Platform for GP Referral Triage

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Luke Boyle for Quentin Thurier

appx 2:50pm – Session 8.6 – Room 6

Interpretable Machine Learning for Healthcare

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Jiunn Howe Lee for Stephen Connor

1:30pm – Session 8.7 – Room 7

Scalability of Multiple Imputation of Missing Health Data

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Mirza Baig for Reece Robinson

2:15pm – Session 8.7 – Room 7

A Public Website for Kiwis – An Authentic Web Library of Clinical Risk Assessments, Algorithms, Tools, Calculators and Predictive Machine Learning Models

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Mirza Baig

appx 2:30pm – Session 8.7 – Room 7

Clinician-centred Mobile Application Design Framework and Clinical Decision Support for Hospitals

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