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Wednesday 20 November

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Thursday 21 November

Dr Edmond Zhang

9:10am – Session 4 – Room 6

Evaluating Biomedical Word Embeddings against pre-trained Word embeddings

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Dr Mirza Baig

9:10am – Session 4 – Room 6

Interpretable Machine Learning: An application to 30-day Risk of Hospital Readmission Model

Junjae Lee

11:00am – Session 5 – Room 9

Machine-Aided HL7 Message Transformation Framework

Dr Kevin Ross

11:00am – Session 5 – Room 8

Precision Driven Health Partnership Progress Report

Samuel Wong

11:00am – Session 5 – Room 7

One small step for primary care, one large step for consumers: reimagining accessing GPs

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Feiyu (Albert) Hu

11:00am – Session 5 – Room 7

Health belief model based spatial and temproal analysis for medication adherence in cardiovascular disease

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Dr Kevin Ross

2:30pm – Session 7 – Room 2

Towards Our Intelligent Future – New Zealand’s AI Roadmap

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Randall Britten & Jen Andreas

4:00pm – Session 8 – Room 4

Smart MedRec: Using machine learning for reading dose instructions and incorporating this in clinical software

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Gayl Humphrey

4:00pm – Session 8 – Room 5

See How They Grow

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Friday 22 November

Enno Huang

9:00am – Session 9 – Room 6

Clinical abbreviations detection and normalisation

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Hamish Huggard

9:00am – Session 9 – Room 6

Benchmarking Text Features for Clinical Named-entity Recognition

Dr Mirza Baig

9:00am – Session 9 – Room 5

Vital Signs Monitoring and Clinical Decision Support Application for Auto-escalation of Deteriorating Patients using National Early Warning Score

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Edmond Zhang

11:00am – Session 10 – Room 5

Turning data into meaningful information through a smart data platform