Clinical Risk Assessments and Calculators

Clinical Risk Assessments and Calculators

Recent studies have indicated that the current risk calculators are out of date and not specific to local contexts and population. This project is testing the hypothesis:

Can we build risk calculators that are more accurate for the local population and context?

Initially this project will focus to validate the current clinical risk of readmission assessment (the LACE score) and compare it with the “patient at risk for rehospitalisation” (PARR) score used in acute care settings in NZ. This project is designing and develop a predictive model for clinical readmission risk assessment in order to test the prediction accuracy within a short period of time such as 30, 60, 90-day readmission risk from the date of discharge.


Dr Mirza Baig – Principal Investigator – Health Informatics Specialist, Orion Health

Mr Reece Robinson, Principal Engineer, Orion Health

Dr Edmond Zhang, Senior Data Scientist, Orion Health

May Lin Tye, Graduate Business Analyst, Orion Health

Professor Rod Jackson, professor of epidemiology in the Section of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UoA

Dr Robyn Whittaker, Public Health Physician, Waitemata DHB

Delwyn Armstrong, Health Intelligence Manager, Waitemata DHB