Our People

Leadership Team

The research leadership team ensures we deliver our vision, engages the research community, and evaluates research projects.

Dr Kevin Ross

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin manages the partnership including our strategic direction and connections.

Kevin is also the Director of Research at Orion Health.

Professor Gill Dobbie

Science Director

Gill helps ensure PDH’s activities are driving innovative discoveries through sound scientific principles.

Gill is also a Professor of Computer Science a the University of Auckland.

Dr Juliet Rumball-Smith

Clinical Director

Juliet provides guidance on PDH’s activities from a clinical perspective, including knowledge of health systems in NZ and around the world.

Juliet is also Clinical Chief Advisor for Primary Health Care at the Ministry of Health.

Chad Paraone

Māori Health Director

Chad ensures that PDH’s research includes Māori health perspectives.

Chad is from Kai Tahu (Kati Huirapa ki Puketeraki), Te Aupouri.

Greg Balla

Commercial Director

Greg ensures that PDH’s research is targeting commercial outcomes.

Greg is also Executive Vice President of Orion Health.

Dr Kelly Atkinson

Programme Manager

Kelly manages PDH’s research programme and operations.

Fleur Armstrong

Commercial Research Analyst

Fleur helps connect PDH with commercial organisations interested in the power of data science in health.

Fleur is currently on leave.

Genevieve Clark

Commercial Partnerships Manager

Genevieve connects commercial organisations together with PDH to support research endeavours, and helps our projects realise their benefits.