A Patient’s Journey for an Elective Surgery

A Patient’s Journey for an Elective Surgery

An Automated Approach Towards Prioritisation and Preoperative Assessment

The path to an elective surgery can contain many difficulties for both patients and clinicians. It is a lengthy, as well as daunting, process for the patient, while delays and cancellations can be extremely costly for the healthcare provider. The initial phase of this research project looks at how to devise the most productive processes and systems for managing the end-to-end elective surgery journey for patients. The next phase following this project will be to create a more effective Elective Surgery Management System, which will include determining features for a Preoperative Assessment mobile app that can better prepare patients for surgery.


Dr Mirza Baig – Principal Investigator. Clinical Decision Support Manager, Orion Health

Dr Farhaan Mirza – IT & Software Engineering Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology
Dr Ehsan Ullah – Clinical Effectiveness Advisor, Auckland Hospital, Auckland District Health Board